Pomona Shoot!

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Yesterday was a blast! I went with Karey Michelle and Greg Bumatay up to downtown Pomona to do a fun shoot with a Chris and Karina, two amazing people that Greg convinced to dress up in a nice suit and wedding dress, respectively. The plan was to recreate some different shots that Karey and Greg did as an assignment at the Anti-workshop the other week.

The weather wasn’t completely on our side, we were TRYING to make it hard on ourselves by shooting in the middle of the day with harsh light…but it turned out to be mostly cloudly, perfectly even overcast lighting haha. Luckily a little sun managed to peek out as the day progressed.

After Pomona, we had an expedition off the 57 freeway and found the smallest wall we could to jump over and hike into the lush green and yellow fields that you might see driving up the 57. If youve never seen someone in wedding dress scale a wall before, let me tell you its hilarious and inspiring.

I forgot one of my flash cards in Greg’s car, so I can only post a couple shots from later on in the day! haha.


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