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I’ve been pretty productive! I had a fairly relaxing weekend, kind of worked a lot but had a lot of fun when I wasn’t at Lucille’s serving. I may or may not have called in sick on Sunday just to get a day off, whoops. (But totally worth it!) :)

Anyways, monday it was back to the routine, and I went to Karey’s for a few hours in the morning and worked on finishing Craig and Kristin’s wedding. She has most of my images from their wedding, so once I get some, or maybe just update my blog from her place, they will be my next update! It was also Cinco De Mayo, but nothing too exciting was going on. Ended up going with a few friends to Don Jose’s for some whitewashed mexican dining. Still good though. Then stayed up late to watch Thrice perform on Conan O’Brien, fantastic. Can’t wait to shoot Thrice at the end of the month at House of Blues!

Yesterday I had off completely. So I slept in and then had to go pick up my graduation stuff – cap, gown, tassle, announcements! Exciting! And then later on went out to dinner for my sister’s birthday! Good dinner and it was nice hanging out with the family.

Today was one of my longer days, went to Karey’s this morning until about 3pm then had a little break before I had to go to work at Lucille’s. Got home around 9:30pm and have been able to relax and work on my website and edit some photos and mess around. I’m very excited with how my website is progressing so far, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone!!

Before I keep blabbing on Ill get to the pictures so that you don’t have to read my 1:00am ramblings…Here’s part II of the shoot with Chris and Corrina in Pomona! Enjoy!

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