My Mom will enjoy this one

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Its late, and im enjoying a nice cup of Irish Breakfast Tea. I should be asleep after a day like today, but here I am updating the blog. Woke up early to spend Mother’s day with my family at my sisters, so I got to see my two nieces!

Taylor was pretty interested in my camera, and especially touching my lenses with drool covered hands…

We had a nice brunch and hung out for awhile, so I was just having fun following Caitlyn and Taylor around…gotta break them into the camera while they’re young!

Tomorrow, I am shooting promo shots for Eye Alaska in Pomona. I’m pretty excited, haven’t really been able to do promos for them yet, just tons of live shots at shows. I love Pomona, it has so much character, hopefully I will be able to combine it with the guys in Eye Alaska to create something unique. Look for some previews of the photos sometime tomorrow!!!

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