Ryan and Katie !!

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This weekend was insane!

My best friend and roommate Ryan decided this past sunday was the day he was going to propose to his girlfriend Katie. He wanted it to be a surprise and he asked me to shoot photos of the actual proposal! We set it all up carefully, picked out a spot, set up code words and I even dressed in disguise!

He took her down to Laguna Beach to walk around at the shops and hang out. Meanwhile, I got to the beach, scoped it out, and waited at the stairs above the sand for them to show up. He took her to some rocks on the water and talked to her for a bit and then did it! He had a shirt he made that said “Will you marry me Katie?” so he ripped off his button down shirt to reveal it, and then got down on one knee. It was pulled off to perfection and I was right there to grab all the action shots without Katie knowing! So exciting, and im soooooooo happy for both of them because they are two great friends!

Heres a little visual story of how it went down:

Ryan texting me telling me he was going to do it

Ripping his shirt off!

That meant yes

Ryan showing Katie where I was hiding

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