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Its been a couple crazy of weeks for me! So much between working with Karey, working at my other job and trying to manage my life in between!

I have so many photos to share but haven’t had time to properly go through them all yet! As soon as I finish editing them I will throw a bunch of new stuff on here.

I second shot with Karey this past saturday for Craig and Kristin’s wedding. It was a nice ceremony in Anaheim Hills, the church had beautiful window lighting. And the reception was very snazzy up at Orange Hill restaurant. Karey and I both got some great shots. I’m actually editing these as we speak, but Lightroom takes awhile to export 250 photos so I thought it was a good time to update this…haha.

I also was able to do a shoot for my friend Leslie who is an amazing artist. She makes these amazing necklace pendants, all kinds of colors and designs. They are super stylish. She had an art show for her work last week, it was amazing! So this week I went back and shot all the necklaces and documented how she had set up her gallery. She’s going to make a website and show off all her beautiful work, I’m so excited for her! And I can’t wait to show off some of her work on here when I get them edited.

In other news, in June I have the amazing opportunity to go to Germany and Rome. I am going with my church on a mission trip for 2 weeks. I can’t even believe it! And the best part is, I get to document it all and hopefully tell a pretty good story with my photos! So excited!

Check back soon for all the pictures….!

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