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Hey everyone, im in Germany as we speak. Its been an absolutely amazing time here so far. We have spent time in Switzerland, Germany and France so far. Were doing our work out of Germany, near the black forest region, its beautiful here, lush and full of vineyards.

We’ve been working hard on the barn project, installing drywall, laying pipes for the waterline, moving sand, jackhammering etc. All the missionaries that live here really live out what it means to be a community. They are extremely supportive and have treated us so well, and fed us amazingly too haha!

I will be working in Germany all of this coming week, and then we leave for Rome next weekend for a few days. I’ve had the opportunity to shoot some amazing places in Europe so far, unfortunately I dont have any to share with you right now, we have been too busy for me to sit around and edit photos, but I will have tons to put up when I get home.

I will be back in California on July 1st, until then!

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