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Busy Busy Busy!

Been doing a lot of shooting over the past week or two!

I’m shooting a ton of stuff for Calvary Church Santa Ana for the web/print. I’ve also shot Eye Alaska promos(they have some up on their myspace, check the link!), a Thrice concert, my Sister’s family and family-in-laws and probably something else that I’m already forgetting. And been working with Karey!

I graduated college the other week too! Quit my job at Lucille’s and am doing photography full-time now, its amazing. I’ve never felt so much freedom, and I’ve never trusted God more! Funny how those two go hand in hand. I’ve been blessed in so many ways, working with Karey especially! But also financially, especially considering my mission trip to Germany in 10 days. My family and friends have been very generous. And I may have a couple of my own weddings to shoot coming up later this summer! God is providing!

I wanted to share some photos from the Thrice show last week, that I just finished editing! Thrice has become my favorite band of all-time, they write the most creative music and they grow musically in every new album they put out. Not to mention Dustin writes the most awe-inspiring lyrics you’ll probably ever read, he is a genius. Here we go!

My fav

hey chase!

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