Long Awaited – Part 1 Switzerland

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I’m home!!!

In case you didn’t know I went on a mission trip with my church to Germany! We also got to stop in Switzerland, France and Rome along the way! What an amazing experience! We worked our butts off, but got to enjoy some of the great history spread throughout Europe too.

We flew to Zürich, Switzerland, rented some cars and drove down to Lucerne for lunch and to explore! What an awesome little city! Then we took a longer trek down to Interlaken, and to the alps! We stopped a lot just to pull over and take photos because even the views from the roads are insane. Interlaken is absolutely gorgeous, even when its overcast, cloudy, foggy and misty.

We stayed in a really nice hostel, Backpackers Village Sonnenhof , I would def. recommend it. We drove around to a couple different spots to walk around and experience the country. Chalets are pretty much the coolest thing ever invented. One day I will live in one. I was most intrigued by the serenity of the graveyards, there were quite a few, just standing in mute witness to these enormous mountain peaks. So crazy.

Swiss Pizza = Delicious.
Paprika Chips = best combination of bbq and spicy.

The next day we went to Lauterbrunnen, walked around, got to experience some waterfalls, both in front and behind! We took a cable car up a couple thousand feet, and then a short train ride across the ridge to Murren. We were going to go up to the top of Schilthorn (oh you know some 15,000 feet up) but theres was almost zero visibility at the top. Murren had some sweet views, so no complaints. We ate lunch here. The fog would just roll in and out, it was unreal, one second you are looking at the alps, and the next you can see the person standing by you. I know I will be coming back here some day, because I have to see it when its sunny and clear.

I spent most of the time just wandering about shooting photos.
We stayed half of that day then began our next trek up to Basel, and onto Germany!

But that will have to wait until my next blog update, but heres some Switzerland photos of mine to hold you over…

Bridge in Lucerne, flowers are the main decor

Another view of the bridge in Lucerne

Overlooking the river that runs through

Inside a cathedral in Lucerne

A little roadside action on the way to Interlaken

More roadside goodness


Zee Alps

Im in love

A hike and the waterfall – Lauterbrennen

Where are we? Theres Jason in the way of my shot

Behind part of the waterfall, you will see it from the otherside soon

Gollum’s Cave


My favorite – isnt it perfect?

At the foot of the falls

On the right is where the behind the waterfall shot it

A village in the sky?


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