Mission San Juan Cap!

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Today I had the pleasure of second shooting with Karey down at the mission basilica in San Juan Capistrano for Carie and Ernie’s wedding!

It was a beautiful morning, and the ceremony was pretty early – 10am.

Everything just felt good, good weather, refreshed, upbeat. Puts you in a good mood to shoot!
Carrie and Ernie are so full of life and so comfortable in front of the camera, it was a breeze and so fun!

Only downside is the mission basilica is super strict with photographers. They really tried to restrict where we were allowed to shoot from, and obviously no flash. I ended up sitting in the pews near the aisle stealing some shots from that angle, trying not to draw too much attention. But then everyone around me is shooting with flash with their little point and shoot digital cameras. People just don’t get it haha. So that freed me up to shoot more and just not worry about being loud with my shutter.

After the ceremony we got to go inside the actual mission and shoot! Something which was exciting, because last time I tried to shoot their with Jesse and Doug, they gave me this whole arrogant spiel about me needing to have $100,000 of insurance and refused to let me in with my camera. So it felt good to walk right in with all my equipment and get to shoot some great photos. In their face! haha.

Some favs:

The Mission Basilica – Bell Tower

Inside the Basilica

He was so giddy to see his soon to be wife!

They loved it

Water lilies at the mission

Karey workin’ it

Show it!

Close uppppp

Totally cute

Is it weird that I like to cut off people at the neck and put them in the corner of the frame?

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