Curtis & Emily – The Finale

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I wanted to share these last ones from the reception of Curtis and Emily, they were dance machines, and it was the most fun I’ve ever had shooting wedding dancing…ever! They were hilarious!

Last weekend I shot Sheri and Brad’s amazing wedding at the Women’s Club in Old Town Orange. It was a beautiful time, and I was so blessed that they asked me to share in it with them! I wish you guys all of the best! So look for some blog action of them pretty soon!

Also I really am going to get some more photos on here from my mission trip across Europe, I have some really fun Germany and Rome goodness. So hang tight!

Also, if you’re really bored, not that you would be right now since you’re reading this amazing blog, but you know if you get a little sad in between blog posts Id encourage you to follow me on TWITTER! It’s a fun little program that will keep you updated via the web or even your cellphone (through texts!!) about what Im up to. It’s not just one-way either, you can also update about whatever. Its a neat way to keep in touch with people or share a cool moment if youre not around a computer!

Enough ranting, more pictures

Such good food!

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