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Hi. So heres a bunch of random work from 2010 that I never blogged. I decided it would be fitting to throw together a huge collection since I haven’t blogged for awhile. Hopefully this keeps your eyes entertained and ready for the massiveness of NEW work I have waiting to blog as well.

In here I have some travel photos that include: Montreal (Along with my favorite Canadian, Florence, isnt she pretty!) as well as a trip to Seattle. Got some shots from PacSun’s Beach Ballyhoo which I was able to photograph. Promo shots for Richard Benjamin. Some senior photos for my lovely cousin Jackie that we got to do out in Cape Cod, MA. A fun brother and sister shoot, with my friend Nicole and her brother Adam. Family shoot with my aunt/uncle and cousins. And finally an super sweet engagement shoot of Michele and Jason that I somehow never blogged.

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