New post. New website. New year.

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I’m back! Here is my new website/blog, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I have had a extremely busy and crazy year and was waiting for my new site to be finished to unleash all the new work that I’ve been doing this year, so forgive me if my blog got a little behind in terms of updates and new posts!

This first post is going to be a rather large collection of what I’ve done over the past year, it was indescribably hard to even narrow it down to this many. There was of course so many I could’ve (and probably should’ve added). So just think of this as a giant teaser as to all the more detailed posts you get to look forward to in the coming days/weeeks.

This my site will have some features that my last site did not. You will easily be able to like posts on my site, and easily share them to Facebook, as well as post them to pinterest! I would absolutely love for you all to share my work as much as you would like to, its how I stay in business! I do not like to put watermarks on my photos, so all I ask if you share my work is to make sure to give me the proper credit as simple as putting a line like “photographs by John Robert Woods Photographer” or even a link directly to my website “”. Much much much appreciated!

Also, if you havent already feel free to follow me on Facebook and Instagram
Instagram: @JohnRobertWoods
Those are my two most used social media apps, and I tend to post a lot of new preview shots as well as other fun things that would help you keep up with me. I would also be honored if you left me some comments if you enjoy this epic post that is about to happen…



Comments (6)


    wonderful, beautiful.. you are so infinitely talented. can’t wait for more!


    They’re all so stunning and full of emotion! It’s inspiring!

    Kasey Loya

    I love them all John. Can’t wait to see more! ūüėČ

    dorothy huynh

    no words, john. you are incredible. also, I made the cut! yes!


    Yay! John, these are amazing, as per usual :)

    Katie Pritchard

    My brain just exploded! Hard to pick a favorite but the escalator shot got my blood pumping.

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